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My Projects Here are some links to projects and work that I am currently involved (or have been involved) in...


I am now currently drumming for ‘Funkify’ - London's finest and first call, professional 9 piece funk and soul band.





I was with Norton for around a year - we released two EP's, toured Canada, recorded with Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, The Lost Prophets etc) down in Cardiff and headlined pretty much every major venue on the London indie circuit - great memories.

Unfortunately the band has since split, but you can still check out some of the tunes here


Acrylic Drums Heaven

I am endorsed by and represent RCI custom acrylic drums. Acrylic Drums Heaven is an established business, created by me, dedicated to these amazing instruments.

Check out the website here



Here are some of my favourite you tube vids in no particular order...

Buddy Rich drum solo at the Hague, 1978

The undisputed greatest drummer to have ever lived.

It is hard to explain as to why he is untouchable. Buddy was way ahead of his time - a total perfectionist - a master of rudiments - jaw dropping energy and power - memorising to watch - a true genius.

This solo is one of a catalogue of breathtaking performances...


All of it! But in particular 3:25 onwards - this hi hat, cymbal and snare drum work is incredible... be prepared for one of the most amazing drumming experiences ever ...enjoy.



Dennis Chambers playing staggeringly awesome solo


This is Dennis Chambers playing an amazing solo. THIS VIDEO HAS NOT BEEN SPED UP he really is playing that fast!

Dennis has been a fantastic inspiration for me - he is one of the greatest funk drummers that has ever lived!


Check out these sections in particular - 0:33 & 3:30 - blink it and you will miss it!!!



This guy is relatively unknown, but my god what an awesome command of the drum kit this guy has! - I cannot stop watching this - It inspires me in a million ways...


@ 1: 55 Watch for when he switches into a ostinato based - latin feel. He is playing a constant pattern with his feet - phew!


KJ Sawka plays incredible live drum 'n' bass on the roof


I love d'n'b, especialy when it is performed live - this guy is a master and one of the best


Look at the intricate snare and hi-hat work @ 2:00 secs - Onwards - Fantastic technique and dynamics..

HAUNTS - Low Slung City Skyline

This is my best mate from UNI, Gareth Grover on the drums with the band 'The Haunts'.

Gareth was an inspiration at university and one of life's really nice people - great musician and an awesome band!!


The harmonies and fills @ 1:45 onwards...go on Gaz!!!

Check out more info on the band...

The Haunts


Papa Jo Jones


One of the greatest Jazz drummes and there are many! Papa Jo Jones stands out a still a huge influence on many drummers today.


Check out how he puts down the drumsticks and plays the kit like a large set of hand drums...then pics up the sticks again and rocks it out! - Brilliant.

Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd

An awesome concert / tribute for Buddy Rich.

Three technicly amazing drummers and names you should know. If not go out and investigate further - now!! (especially Vinnie and Steve).


The haircuts!! - but also Steve Gadd's intro @ 2:46 - a great glimpse of his unique style.


Steve Smith Tribute To Max Roach


This is Steve Smith playing his own tribute to Max Roach's 'Big' Sid Catlett tribute.

Steve is a real heavyweight in the drumming world - a true master of his craft.


Watch how he builds this ( very musical) drum solo into an amazing show of feel and technique - especially his legendary hi hat work!!


Arctic Monkeys on the Jools Holland Show

The Arctic Monkeys performing Brianstorm, 505 and Teddy Picker live at the Jools Holland Show. All songs are from their second album, Favourite Worst Nightmare.


The drum kit - Drummer Matt Helders is using an RCI drum kit fitted with Premier hardware - Plastic fantastic - Beautiful kit!!!


Insane blindfolded!! Solo


A 'gospel chops' drummer - this is really hard to take in how fast this is!!


From start to finish it is jaw dropping - you actualy forget he is also doing all of this blindfolded!!


Loads more vids and new content coming soon...